Here at Plantingnation, whether you’re an apartment dweller with an affection for houseplants, a novice gardener putting in your first edible garden, or a master gardener looking to learn how to transform your harvest into delicious meals, everyone is welcome here.

We know how dirt feels between our fingers, how thrilling it can be to see your first seedling or blossom of the year appear and how good it tastes to bite into that fresh fruit you just picked from your very own garden. And because we’re gardeners too, our goal is simple:  we want to make sure you get to experience that too! More than anything, gardening is fun, and we want to help you garden happier!

What You’ll Find Here

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At The Plantingnation, we offer reasonable, genuine tips and motivation to assist you with making your best home. From adorning and cultivating guidance to engaging and home fix how-tos, This can show you how. Our team will help you to figure out the needful things that you require for the harvesting.

From the beginning, our objective has been to give top-quality vegetable and spice plants at a respectable cost, so clients could encounter the delight and fulfillment of developing their own new food to take care of their families. Presently, an entire century after the fact, that objective actually stands.

We’ve added a subsequent one, as well: to be the go-to hotspot for vegetable and spice planting data, regardless of whether you’re an absolute amateur or have been cultivating for a really long time.

We would like to tell people about the growing conditions and harvesting of plants, vegetables, herbs and so much more. In Plantingnation, people can see the whole details of plants from their biological name to their native area.

There are so many conditions in which plants are grown. It should be kept in mind before harvesting a plant and veggies. People use to store these eatables for pickles and there is a whole procedure for that.

Plantingnation deals with not just plants, but also vegetables and herbs and many more. It is important to take care of plants as this guide will help you to know the minute details of pesticides and what to use and what not to use.

Around here at Plantingnation, regardless of whether you’re a condo occupant with a love for houseplants, a fledgling nursery worker placing in your first consumable nursery, or an expert landscaper hoping to figure out how to change your collect into scrumptious suppers, everybody is wanted here.

We know how the soil feels between our fingers, how exciting it tends to be to see your first seedling or bloom of the year show up and how great it tastes to nibble into that new natural product you just picked from your own special nursery.

What’s more, in light of the fact that we’re landscapers as well, our objective is basic: we need to ensure you get to encounter that as well! More than anything, planting is fun, and we need to assist you with cultivating more joy!

Main Agenda

We might want to enlighten individuals concerning the developing conditions and gathering of plants, vegetables, spices thus significantly more. In Plantingnation, individuals can see the entire subtleties of a plant from its natural name to its local region. There are countless conditions in which plants are developed. It ought to be remembered prior to gathering a plant and veggies. Individuals use to store these eatables for pickles and there is an entire system for that.

Plantingnation manages plants, yet in addition vegetables and spices and some more. Deal with plants as this aide will assist you with knowing the subtleties of pesticides and what to utilize and what not to utilize.


We offer a Q & A section where you get to ask your questions to the experts regarding the issues that you have faced in growing your vegetables. So you can ask your queries regarding harvesting, pesticides, recipes, and so on. You’ll get the answers from our expert team. Plantingnation deals with productivity and the deep knowledge of plants and even herbs.